July 5, 2016

New Products/Vacation


I just wanted to share a quick look at a few of our new products. As we have been absent awhile creating. Also, there's some new info and happenings within our shop. So, go and have a browse and a read over here....make sure to read the shops announcement



March 27, 2016

Happy Easter


As, we all know and remember from when we were kids, Easter is a fun holiday. Filled with egg hunts and delicious yet odd shaped chocolate candies. However there is a larger and more important meaning to this day and at the foundation of that is to hold on to kindness and to remember.

Always enjoy life !!!


March 16, 2016

Studio Gear Cosmetics

A few weeks back I received a package from a cosmetics company called Studio Gear. They offer a wide variety of affordable and unique products. An amazing array of any cosmetic you could ever dream up or ask to receive. Aside from the affordability.  I was especially pleased with the top notch quality. With each wear there was no need to reapply, yes I said it, the initial application lasts all day. Super pigmented and free of harsh chemicals , these products are also safe for sensitive skin. Which is something I know a great deal about, as I battle with both eczema and acne. Good cosmetics, that are both safe and useful, can be hard to find. My skin problems aside, I must say that I absolutely adore these products. If you've never tried them before....check out this super cool company. Also, stick around after the photos for a bit of a deal.

I chose my three faves, that went best with my skintone, to review. The colors features (from left ) are true plum, true magenta and true nude.

You can definitely pick up on the pigmented nature with this shade.

Really simple and classically chic packaging. A great design speaks volumes.

Close up look at the labeling and a peek again at the names ( in case you skipped it).

Searched a few in case any of you have similar complexion to mine.

Now on to a special offer from the super super company Studio Gear cosmetics.

Enjoy 10% off of anything purchased from Studio Gear Cosmetics, but using the code below:


Hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts and also that you check out this brand and find something that you love.

Zombie Mari

*Disclaimer - All views expressed on featured products are my own and not produced due to payment. Also, all products were sent to me for purposes of reviewing featured products.

New Collection And Updates !!!!

Hi and Hello,

So, it's been a few moments since an awesome zombie post and chat. The abscence was all for good reasons however. Although, posting and updates are our life around the glitterzombies office, our broken wifi connection interfered. But never fear and no worries...we're back and have a ton of exciting info. Like a cool review about studio gear cosmetics and a clothing collection that zombie Mari is working hard to complete. Hopefully all you stylish ghouls and girls will be in glitter gowns and zombie attire by the end of the year. Because everything is coming together wonderfully and deserves a spin.

Take a look now into the Glitter Zombies world of fashion. Inspired by California's cool casual vibes and the rad chicness of the sixties.

Zombie Alexa

January 25, 2016

Darby Smart And Seedling Awesomeness

A few weeks before Christmas I received two packages from darby smart. The packages contained a couple of really amazing crafts kits. At first sight they were bright and astonishing. I just knew my little sister would love to take on the little challenge of getting the projects complete before christmas. I thought why not make it a challenge. Everyone loves a challenge right ?

loved the sweet packaging. Really cool presentation.

So, I ordered the dream catcher kit along with the snow globe kit. Two simple and cleanly laid out kits. Perfect for younger kids to complete with a friend. The two kits above I believe really have the potential to motivate and foster creativity. By this I mean although instructions are included, I see them as guidelines. A foundation for your child to build upon while creating their final dreams.

The dream catcher kit by seedling. Packed with an amazing array of supplies to create a wonderful dreamcatcher.

Although presented with an overwhelming array of tools to use in her creation. I feel that this kit was a little beyond her age group. I would definitely suggest this product for those eleven and older.  Sadly we don't have a final product to share. Yet, I can say that she had a blast trying to figure this one out (many tries this one took.)  Vibrant colors, beautiful package and unique idea.

Here's her snowman. I thought this kit was super simple and could easily fit into an array of age groups. The only uh oh however is that it involves a lot of sticky modeling clay and glitter. So if your a stickler for messes, this won't be your jam.

Overall, I must say that I highly recommend the seedling company. They create products that foster young minds while providing creative outlets. Each kit offers a chance to explore ones mind and offers up the chance to make decisions on your own. Which is why every kid should try out the amazing range of products from this company. I'm super glad that I picked two for my little sister and I'm sure you guys will love the company too.

Later until then,

As If Pens In The Etsy Domain !!!

Check out our etsy shop for these super cool Cher horowitz inspired novelties. They come in a variety of colors and topper additions.