April 12, 2014

What's In My Bag

This is just a random post, about nothing more than the boring contents of my bag. Don't get too excited.

The current lovely that carries my belongings. It's the best and one of the largest bags I own. It's super sturdy and every girl should have one, but I can't remember where I bought it originally. 

A little lookie.

From behind.

The coolest and sparkliest deux lux confection. I love this wallet ( or purse if your in the UK)

No, I didn't keep this from my childhood or take it from my younger sister. I got it recently from Target and It keeps my pens and pencils warm.

My glasses live here.

I love writing when I can and these pens are the best. They're the Sharpie pens with the finest point. Great for writing and drawing. Super smooth glide.

Business cards at the ready.

Antibacterial applications and potions with hydrating properties are essentials. Current faves are Mango Temptation by Victorias Secret and a sensational blueberry delight.

Random bits.

Closer look at the random bits.

There were a few more things buried under receipts, but I decided not to bore you. Maybe I should do a video.......

Zombie Mari

April 7, 2014

The Tropica

Do you absolutely adore having or receiving flowers. (Think about it for a moment) if you're answer was yes, well, you will definitely love this flower crown. It's called the Tropico and it's amazing. Super comfortable and loaded with style.  Beautiful roses adorn a clear (or black) plastic headband. Great for all occasions.

Now available for sale in our Etsy shop. GlitterZombiess.Etsy.com

Zombie Mari

April 6, 2014

My Favorite Apps

Everyone loves to do a teensy tiny bit of shopping. Whether it be in store or online. Wallets are always seeing the light of day. Which can sometimes become a little tiring or maybe even mundane. Which is why I usually opt for in app shopping. The safe and exciting way to excessively purchase clothing, furniture or what have you ! Here are a few of my current faves.


H&M is an amazing company with really affordable pricing. Which is why I was wander struck when I found this lovely application.Their super chic app brings you the same, if not better experience, of an actual retail location. Shop from new arrivals, old favorites and the ever beloved sale. You will find everything that you need here for both your self and home. Also, when you sign up for their newsletter....special surprises are sure to come your way.....of the discount sort.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, my love, my life. Or as my younger sister likes to call it, the tumblr store, also has a really cool app. Not only are you able to shop while using this app. When you are busy filling your virtual sacks to the brim, you are earning valuable points and badges. Which allow you to win really amazing and sometimes hard to get prizes. It's like a never ending bogo sale. What could be better than getting prizes while you shop....um nothing. Past prizes have included discounts, free music and u.o. features.


This apps purpose really isn't for extreme shopping sprees. However, it can become the ultimate best friend of the avid crafter and creator. Use this app to see whats new in at michaels and try out  a ton of really cool d.i.y ideas. (Loving the sound of this ?) If your thinking of downloading you definitely should do so now. There may or may not be a special section loaded with super duper discounts. ( some as high as 50%)

Hope you have joined in on these really cool iphone and android app experiences

Zombie Mari

A Bit Of Boots And A Dash Of Olay !

In the massive world of beauty bloggers. I suppose I may be alone and wandering  on my quest for the best skin care products. Yet, I have decided to share a couple of my new favorites just because, along with an older love. All of the products featured are great for those of you who have combination or dry skin.

First, I have for your viewing pleasure, an old favorite. It's one of the best (more affordable) mosturizers that I have purchased from store counters such as Ulta and Target. It is the Olay active hydrating cream (original formula).A trusty bargain reliable and worthwhile. 

This amazing cream revitalizes skin with moisture. Alleviating dryness and the appearance of fine lines without leaving behind a greasy residue. Also, the subtle fragrance makes this face cream perfect for both morning and night. I think I may need a bit more before the month ends.

Two of my new favorites come from the Boots Expert collection. 

I had been searching for products similar to Bio- Oil when I came across this product In Target. It is the Boots Expert scar care serum. Apparently, it helps to reduce the appearance of any scars, including those caused by the dreaded acne. It says that change should occur within the first month of usage. I am about a week into the process of my skin breaking free of its acne riddled cocoon. Hopefully during the first few days of May I will notice a significant change.

Lastly, I found a new facial wash. It is also  a part of the Boots Expert range.

It Is called the Boots Expert sensitive gentle smoothing scrub.

It seemed to be free of any confusing ingredients and weird coloring agents. Which led me to believe that it would be the perfect product for my super ultra sensitive skin. Since purchasing I have used it twice daily for a week.

It's basically like an enriched vitamin water with exfoliating beads. The soothing smell makes for an easy application and face scrub a dub dub process. This scrub will leave your face fresh and crazy smooth. Use together with your normal daily products and I'm almost certain you will swoon. 

Hopefully you've found a tiny grain of use in my slight review/blurby blah blah blah. Give them a try and see if these things are right for your skin care needs.

Zombie Marie

April 5, 2014

Homemade Hair Treatments

The following are all natural products that can be used In the treatment of both damaged and healthy hair.

Honey, eggs and olive oil at first glance may seem like mere ingredients. However, beyond the pretty packaging and affordable pricing. Lies a bevy of glorious hair uses.

Raw Eggs

Egg yolks are rich in fat and proteins. Which makes them a great natural mosturizer. The whites however contain special bacteria eating enzymes that control excessive oil.


For combination hair use both yolk and white. Whisk egg together in small bowl. Next coat your entire scalp with plain egg mixture. Use as a leave in conditioner, keep on for twenty minutes. Wash out with your usual hair products.

Oil hair use only egg whites. Follow the same washing procedures.

Olive Oil

For dry damaged hair try olive oil. Olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive fruit. It's organic richness helps to condition and strengthen the elasticity of your hair. Works great with hair that has been colored or chemically treated.


Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Heat in microwave for thirty seconds. Massage into scalp and let sit for thirty minutes. Shampoo until all oil has been removed from hair. Towel dry hair.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil contains many vitamins including A, D, E and B6 as well as folic and amino acids. All of which help with hair growth and nourishment. Great for hair with damaged split ends. Improvement comes within the first two weeks.


This treatment is quite similar to the olive oil treatment. 

Massage avocado oil onto scalp. No need to heat. Let oil sit for thirty five minutes. Afterwards wash hair as usual.

Not that you've finished shoveling the lusturious knowledge into the canals of your mind. Go and try one or all of them on your dazzling noggins. 

Zombie Mari

March 31, 2014

Storage Ideas

Boxes, Vintage Tins, Cups and Cans are all great for storage. Why not do a bit of recycling while in the process of redecorating. Here are few ways I recycle and reuse my super cool packaging.

Zombie Mari