November 11, 2014

Glitter Candids

As I stumbled through the pictures section of my sisters trusty computer. I was struck with an idea for a blog post. Usually in this little space i write about new products, endeavors or what i am currently loving, I rarely ever take the time to do major photo shoot's and outfit of the day posts. Also my looks are usually really boring. So,for today only, here is a bit of both mixed with a little #TBT ( or in my terms throw back Tuesday)

"With mom on Christmas last year."

"At the Caribe Hotel in Florida"

"Looking weird with my sister on her 22nd birthday."

More interesting posts from the life of a glitter zombie coming soon. However, while your waiting check out our art space over here:


November 10, 2014

The Awesome Tanya Burr

Hello and Hi !!!

Here is a quick yet fashionable post after a while away. If you haven't heard of the lady Tanya Burr before...keep reading. Tanya Burr is a super talented Beauty Guru in the land of YouTube. Yet her talents span above and beyond the vlogging oasis of the inter web. Currently she has a cosmetics collection called Tanya Burr's lips and nails ( all of which can be purchased at your local superdrug)  which just recently amended to include beautiful false lashes. However, my obsession with the burr started after watching tutorials on her main channel entitled delightfully Tanya Burr. She gives you her take on popular trends within the beauty world and easy to mimic hair tutorials. So, if you love fashion and beauty the above words are enough said from me.

 Go now and check out her awesomeness and be sure to follow her channels on YouTube.



September 25, 2014

Avocado Chicken Salad

Check out this super simple and quick everyday recipe. Great for everyone, from busy moms to hard working college kids. Everything that's needed, you probably already have. So there's no need for an impromptu shopping trip. Now go and get cooking.

An avocado is necessary for this recipe. Which is something that most may not  have in the kitchen. ( so head to the market if you must :) )


Frozen chicken nuggets, cooked of course make this simple and quick. Although, you can substitute for pre- cooked grilled chicken. It works just as great and gives you a few healthy foodie points.

Pepper and sea salt to give the avocado an added boost of flavor.


Layer the ingredients and season to taste. Voila, lunch, dinner or whatever you please. Now, wasn't that easy?

Happy Eating,

September 24, 2014

Wickedly Delightful Halloween Recipe

Halloween is coming really soon. Which means there will be loads of tricks and troves of devilishly delicious treats. I love Halloween and its spooky magic especially the great snacks and treats the holiday inspires. Which is why every year I try and create something with an ode to the haunting day. This year I have five new and super simple snacky surprises. I am going to be revealing one every Wednesday until Halloween. So, stick around and be sure to check them out. Today I give to you witches kettle, a super ghoulish popcorn delight.

Here's how you throw it together. Truly simple and way easy. In fact there's hardly a need for words.




Kettle Corn ( or butter if preferred)


Candy Corn


Chocolate Syrup

Note: choose any two of your favorite and festive candies.

Directions: After your corn has been popped. Mix your ingredients into the bowl. Just layer everything together and drizzle with chocolate. Lastly, enjoy alone or with friends.

This mix is great for large parties or can be used as a dressed up snack.

Happy Cooking,

Tweet or Instagram us your versions. We would love to see your interpretations.

September 10, 2014

Calling All Bloggers !!

Hello and a super duper hi again. So glad that you are here and reading what we have to say today.  Which i think is really amazing and possibly exciting for some. Well, if you love hair accessories and specifically flower crown headbands. (excitement may consume you) Now, to the point of the post.

We are currently looking for bloggers who would be interested in hosting giveaways with our products. Currently we are looking for three bloggers which we will be giving two items from our past summer collection. As, we are currently in the process of adding new items to our shop. I thought why not share the remaining pieces in a creative way. This is a new concept for us and hopefully something that we will continue to do, at the end of each season.

Bloggers or small crafting sites can email the following info, to the email address included on the site.

We need this info if you would like to be a part of our Glitter Zombies world.

Link to your blog

How long has your blog been active?

What type of blog do you currently operate?

Do you have an Etsy shop?

How would you promote the giveaway or contest?

Also you must follow Glitter Zombies on Instagram or BlogLovin.

If your application is approved you will receive two flower crown headbands. Which you will use in your giveaway/contest. You will also receive a tiny rosette flower crown headband for becoming a Glitter Zombies affiliate ( you do not have to include this in your giveaway)

Looking forward to seeing if any of you readers out there are interested in becoming honorary Glitter Zombies by spreading our sparkle and shine.



September 5, 2014

The September Report

Hello, and hi again. This post may be a bit weird as it is a little late, because september has already started. Basically, i really just wanted to chat a bit about whats going on with Glitter Zombies during the awesome and cozy month of september. All of the new projects and our hopes and dreams. Still here and interested...well read on !

At the start of each month i like to compile everything that i would like to happen. Happen both in my career and everyday life. Take a look at what I've compiled and maybe become inspired to create your own "survival guide". Just a few A...B... AND C's...

A)   I really enjoy working on my blogs both the art and fashion portals. Taking time out from the day   to sit and write whatever comes to mind is actually really fulfilling. It gives me the opportunity to                      create topics and explore avenues that I'm really excited about. Also i really love sharing things that i create with the readers and seeing feedback and positive comments. So, my goal is to definitely grow the blogosphere and reach a larger audience and just grow !!!

B)  Art is and has always been a great fascination of mine. Its forever changing and never forcing an unnecessary permanence. My favorite style of art would probably have to be abstract. Which is a major factor in my creative motivations and probably why i love the opposite of the now, (whats on trend). My characters and zombie beings are my crazy obsessions. Hopefully, there will be some sort of animation type project in the future. Or maybe even a special project that will allow all of the school goers to take of piece of the GZ world along in their backpacks. ( and maybe on lunch boxes??)

C)  I think there may be a fashion show in the air around the end of september. I am currently working on curating the final pieces for the first Glitter Zombies collection, which i will post about soon. I also would love to have people who actually know Glitter Zombies and what being a glitter zombie means, to model the collection. More info soon.

D)  Finishing up regular college and moving on to do a few fashion related courses. This little project will extend a tiny bit beyond September. However, i thought that i didn't hurt to mention. As it is still really exciting.

E)  Growing the GZ brand. Which to me means expanding the product selection in our current Etsy shop. Opening an external shop that will house all of our Glitterific products and vintage collection. Also, my mother and i are going to be opening a vintage boutique. Which all of the local angelenos will soon be able to come and see.

Well, there you have it, in short my happenings and aspirations. Hopefully everything goes as planned and the reports will be up soon for your viewing pleasure. Now that you have read my mind get going and swim around yours. Outline for yourself what you would like to achieve, work really hard, believe and the dreams shall be conceived.