August 30, 2014

D.I.Y Flower Crown Kit's

The summer season is almost officially over until next year. Which means that a few of our designs will be going away as well. Meaning that headbands not already created lay alone without a purpose or a home. So, one day after a long think tank session, a few of us zombies had an idea. ( Mainly me) We thought that it would be awesome to package up the extra bobs and throw in a few bits and make them into kits.

"Mini Carnation Kit."

"Royal Flower Crown Kit."

Check out these and other designs currently available in our shop on Etsy.


Tiny Tour

As, i have not posted anything in a while on this blog. I thought that it would be fun to do a tour of my studio and not in the boring sort of way. By this I mean the usual overly done setups with basic snoozy photographs. I instead took a vintage or scrapbook approach. This is the first page, more coming soon.

"This is where i write words and stuff for my blog sometimes."

"Break time means book time!!!!"

"Some of my new drawings and this and that."

"A view from the other side."

"For whenever i need a Disney moment....mirror...mirror...on the well you know."

"Thats it for this weeks peek."

Check out a new section of my studio each week. Next week I'm going to show everyone where the actual designing and photo sessions happen, should be fun. If you want to tune in, please do.


August 17, 2014

Back To School Style Guide

Having doubts about what to wear on the first day of school. Or maybe there are certain limitations put in place making some of your fashion ideas impossible. Well,lucky for you we put together a few of our fave looks that are perfect for Autumn and back to school. Take notes......the teachers watching.

Preppy and traditional. Perfect for the schools with dress code limitations such as color and length.

Incorporate fun accessories like your favorite Glitter Zombies headband or trusty shoulder tote. Looks great while being casual and fun.

If you prefer a bolder approach. Try mixing textures like lace with neon jewelry.

Bohemian inspired jewelry is always a must and hey it goes great with a composition notebook. Be bold and daring....when it comes to jewelry.

If you haven't struck a look yet, I'm sure this ballerina inspired dress will be just the thing

For the girl who likes to make everyday an event.

A slight nod to the classical aspects of fashion. Why not empty your trusty handbags contents and use it for your books. Also, it's really great to think out of the box when it comes to your looks add ons. The bracelet featured in this look is actually a silk scarf. Yet, tying it around the wrist made for a more casual and school appropriate vibe.

Try a sweater on top for colder months. This look travels through the seasons amazingly well.

Sunglasses may not be permitted in school but are a must for this look and those moments just before you step inside.

If accessories aren't really your thing and you adore a more minamalist clothing collab. Why not pair your favorite vintage or concert tee with a pair of sunnies ( doubling as a headpiece of course). It will  scream your point loud and clear.

Don't forget that when it comes to necklaces and earrings for school, the tinier the better. 

I hope you enjoyed our first and second day of school looks along with the tips and styling suggestions. Make them your own and have a super wonderful and successful school year. Both educational and style wise.

Also, check our twitter every Monday for great accessories styling tips. 


Big thanks to my sister for modeling the looks and making it through the photos. 

August 9, 2014

Glitter Zombies Clothing Collection

Fashion and being a part of the crazy world that is fashion. Has been on the very top of my "ultimate" dreams list for many years. It's something that I feel really passionate about diving blindly into and taking on fully. I want to create a collection of clothing that is new yet reminiscent of the really great courageous  moments in fashion. The care free and effortless moments that overflowed throughout the early nineties is the goal. This may not be everyone's cup of tea but it's something that I'm really excited to develop and finally make happen. A reinvention of what was casual  and cool.

I will continue to post updates as i develop the sketches in to actual tangible pieces. Which, I might add is definitely one of the coolest processes ever. 

Seeing your ideas come to life is really and truly both amazing and magical. I can't wait until the collection is finished. So, that I can put together a small showing and get these things to potential buyers. Loads of work ahead but definitely worth it !

Until next time,

July 10, 2014

Glitter Zombies Moving Sale

Check out our shop for loads of amazing deals. In honor of Glitter Zombies moving to the west coast we decided to do something cool. Which means that all prices have been lowered and international orders will ship for only a $1.00. However the sale won't last long. You have until August first to grab something super duper special at their current amazing prices.


June 26, 2014

Oatmeal Face Scrub

Oatmeal Facial Scrub Recipe

Here's a simple little recipe for a really great exfoliating face scrub. I use it all of the time and soon I think you will too.

Looks a little strange but trust me it works wonders. Choose a jar or container with a lid and that can be refrigerated.

Oatmeal is the first ingredient of which you will need 2 cups. Either instant or steel cut will do.

1/2 cup of sugar or twelve spoons. I prefer using the cup, it's easier

Honey is optional as some people may be allergic. If this is the case just add water. Blend until oatmeal sticks together, stop before it becomes mushy or sticky. More on why in a minute.

Bowls best for eating cereal and blending facial products.

Once that's done and done. Spoon the mixture into the jar or jars that you have selected.



Honey or Water



 Once you have created your very own natural oatmeal facial scrub it's ready for daily use. Apply in the morning or at night.

Apply water to your face first and afterwards rub in mixture. ( this is why we didn't go crazy with the water before) Rinse again and then your finished with the exfoliation process.

Works great for all skin types.