January 31, 2016

Rare Chanel For Sale On Etsy

Hello and Hola,

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January 25, 2016

Darby Smart And Seedling Awesomeness

A few weeks before Christmas I received two packages from darby smart. The packages contained a couple of really amazing crafts kits. At first sight they were bright and astonishing. I just knew my little sister would love to take on the little challenge of getting the projects complete before christmas. I thought why not make it a challenge. Everyone loves a challenge right ?

loved the sweet packaging. Really cool presentation.

So, I ordered the dream catcher kit along with the snow globe kit. Two simple and cleanly laid out kits. Perfect for younger kids to complete with a friend. The two kits above I believe really have the potential to motivate and foster creativity. By this I mean although instructions are included, I see them as guidelines. A foundation for your child to build upon while creating their final dreams.

The dream catcher kit by seedling. Packed with an amazing array of supplies to create a wonderful dreamcatcher.

Although presented with an overwhelming array of tools to use in her creation. I feel that this kit was a little beyond her age group. I would definitely suggest this product for those eleven and older.  Sadly we don't have a final product to share. Yet, I can say that she had a blast trying to figure this one out (many tries this one took.)  Vibrant colors, beautiful package and unique idea.

Here's her snowman. I thought this kit was super simple and could easily fit into an array of age groups. The only uh oh however is that it involves a lot of sticky modeling clay and glitter. So if your a stickler for messes, this won't be your jam.

Overall, I must say that I highly recommend the seedling company. They create products that foster young minds while providing creative outlets. Each kit offers a chance to explore ones mind and offers up the chance to make decisions on your own. Which is why every kid should try out the amazing range of products from this company. I'm super glad that I picked two for my little sister and I'm sure you guys will love the company too.

Later until then,

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January 24, 2016

Disney In Photos : Part One

Here's a look at my recent trip to Disney World. Check back later for a peek at where we stayed, ate and explored. It was super duper fun and I want to share all of the excitement. Including a few of my tips on how to be frugal while getting the best from your vacation.

The day was on and off rain yet we made it work. After all as most of you know going to Disney anything is a major investment. So, when you decide to go to Disney you stay as long as possible, no matter what's happening.

And now for more photos !!!

My sister taking flight with dumbo.


Entering a small small world..

Part 2 Soon.....Later !!!!