July 10, 2014

Glitter Zombies Moving Sale

Check out our shop for loads of amazing deals. In honor of Glitter Zombies moving to the west coast we decided to do something cool. Which means that all prices have been lowered and international orders will ship for only a $1.00. However the sale won't last long. You have until August first to grab something super duper special at their current amazing prices.


June 26, 2014

Oatmeal Face Scrub

Oatmeal Facial Scrub Recipe

Here's a simple little recipe for a really great exfoliating face scrub. I use it all of the time and soon I think you will too.

Looks a little strange but trust me it works wonders. Choose a jar or container with a lid and that can be refrigerated.

Oatmeal is the first ingredient of which you will need 2 cups. Either instant or steel cut will do.

1/2 cup of sugar or twelve spoons. I prefer using the cup, it's easier

Honey is optional as some people may be allergic. If this is the case just add water. Blend until oatmeal sticks together, stop before it becomes mushy or sticky. More on why in a minute.

Bowls best for eating cereal and blending facial products.

Once that's done and done. Spoon the mixture into the jar or jars that you have selected.



Honey or Water



 Once you have created your very own natural oatmeal facial scrub it's ready for daily use. Apply in the morning or at night.

Apply water to your face first and afterwards rub in mixture. ( this is why we didn't go crazy with the water before) Rinse again and then your finished with the exfoliation process.

Works great for all skin types.


Glitter Zombies YouTube Channel

Hello and Hola! to those that tune In sometimes to this little piece of the Inter-web. I have a bit of a special post for you today. Its about Glitter Zombies little expansion Into the visual aspects of the virtual universe. Thats right we're going to have our very own YouTube channel. A place where all of those that read our blog can go and find the live versions of posts.

On this channel we plan to deliver really cool d.i.y projects, recipes and just plain awesomeness. So, If you love all of those things, be sure to subscribe to our new channel, GlitterZombies22. Which will be up and running with loads of greatness on monday.

Wanted to upload sooner but my computer tricked me and messed up the ends on a few videos. Although, I think their coming back together nicely. (Hopefully and fingers crossed)

"Shocked face and under groomed eyebrows make for an awesome video"


100 % Love The Products

June 16, 2014

Gift Idea

Yesterday I took a trip to Michaels and discovered a few really handy bits and pieces. One of which was something called magnetic adhesives. I thought to myself I have a really great idea. What was it you ask? Well.....I thought that they would be perfect for creating sweet little just because gifts. Creative and one of a kind magnets.

Each package comes with a set of four magnets. So, there is an endless opportunity to use your imagination.

Cut each piece easily into whatever shape your going for, with your project.

You can use any pre-made stickers found conviently at all craft stores.

Which you can mix and match with many color backing a and trims.

Or you can use all of your left over jewels and crystals. 

To create something simply wonderful.

Here's a look at few which include some of my favorite quotes.


June 15, 2014

Something Like A Recipe

This isn't exactly a recipe. However, I thought it would be cool to show what this sweet little machine could do.

It's the Bella waffle stick maker. I just got it today and it's awesome.

It's makes a total of six per batter pouring.

Now for what I did today for breakfast. Simple yet adorbs and sweet.

Nothing much :)